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Custom Made Challenge Coins For All Occasions

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We Make Custom Challenge Coins

With over a decade of experience in the challenge coin business, the experts at Coins Made Fast produce quality, unique challenge coins that will be treasured for years to come. Coins Made Fast has successfully fulfilled thousands of custom orders to date from customers the world over. No design concept is too complex for our experienced artists and manufacturing facility. Creating a lasting keepsake that you can be proud of is what we do!

The History

Challenge CoinsChallenge coins originated decades ago and still used to this day by the U.S. Army, Air Force, Navy, Coast Guard, and U.S. Marines service members. The coins are still the golden standard for group recognition and identification. They are also used as a membership test by service and other group members. A “coin check” would randomly be called, and if the challenged individual was not carrying his coin, he was responsible for a round of drinks for all those present.

Modern Coin Use

The popularity of challenge coins has increased dramatically over the past ten years. Today, many large and nationally recognized companies, social groups, athletic teams, and others have started to design and distribute challenge coins to their staff and members. Coins are used as morale boosters and forms of marking achievement. The unique design and personalization options make challenge coins more than mere tokens that are earned – they are prized for as long as they are owned.

Designing Your Coin

At Coins Made Fast, the design process has been simplified over the years to ensure customer convenience. All we require is a reference image or two and simple instructions on how you want your coins to look. Our professional graphic artists work with each customer and provide a solution based on minting capabilities to show you what your product will look like before you spend a dime. This process is made even easier by using our coin quote page here on our website. Designing and ordering a custom challenge coin has never been easier!

All of our conventional coins are made with top grade brass material and delivered inside individual PVC envelopes. Other presentation options are also available for a nominal fee. By using quality enamel colors and the latest metal finishing techniques, we ensure that your coin will look impressive and stand the test of time. Customer satisfaction is the top priority at The Coin Mint.

Benefits of Challenge Coins

It is important that companies and organizations understand the benefits and uses of personalized coins as they relate to employee morale in the workplace.

Gratitude- Challenge coins provide a way to recognize the achievements of individuals no matter their rank or status. Presenting a coin shows members that their hard work and achievements are appreciated. Coins can represent career milestones that signify not only success, but also long standing dedication and service. The professionals at Coins Made Fast understand the significance of the coins that they create. It sometimes takes a bold step to instill a sense of pride in a company or organization. Custom coins offer an immediate way to recognize important events and accomplishments. They have remained steadfast in the military since inception, and are a lasting way to show appreciation and document success for any organization – large or small.

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